I followed several of the last IMBB events but never had time to take part due to a big amount of work these last months. I have the same amount of work (and sometimes even more !) these weeks but I decided to try to follow one of my 2005 resolutions :  take part to the next IMBB event, even with a very simple recipe !

When I saw the announce of the event (hosted this time by Cathy of My Little Kitchen), I start checking my kitchen cupboards, looking for some beans and I found really a lot :
- brown lentils,
- red lentils,
- dried fava beans,
- red kidney beans
- split peas,
- chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans (I love this word "garbanzo" !)

Then I was a little bit confused with this number of different beans and I start thinking about some possible recipes.

The first one I wanted to do was some hummus with my lovely "garbanzo" beans. But I remembered that the last time I tried the recipe with these beans it was not very successful and since this day I use to buy chikpeas puree and just add some tahine, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil to get a very tasty hummus.
Then I thought about some split peas puree. This is a very typical winter recipe but my dear husband told me he just doesn't want to eat that ... The fava beans puree (called "bissara" in Morocco) has been stuck of the list because of the similarity with the split peas puree.

Finally, I stopped my questioning because I know the recipe I'll decided to test will depend on the time I'll have. And I was right : at the end on Sunday afternoon I realized that I didn't cook anything with beans ... More I spent the Saturday working from home so I just didn't take time on for the "home" shopping ; we were invited for dinner on Saturday evening and for lunch on Sunday. Back home on Sunday at nearly 5pm I remembered I have to cook something with beans but I didn't have a lot of "interesting" products at home ... except a lot of different beans ! Anyway I wanted to participate to this first 2005 event so here I am with the simpliest recipe I was able to realize (also because we had 2 very good but and very "caloric" meals during this week-end) : Rice and brown lentils with sesame and parsley.

- 200 gr of rice
- 100 gr of brown lentils
- 2 tablespoons of sesame seeds
- 1 teaspoon of parsley
- 1 teaspoon of olive oil

Cook separately the rice and the lentils in salted water (15 to 20 minutes for the lentils). Empty the water when rice and lentils are cooked. Add the olive oil to the lentils and mix it with the rice, add some salt if needed and pepper. "Roast" the sesame and powder the dish with the sesame and the parsley.
It's a tasty and easy recipe !

Thanks Cathy for this idea even if my contribution is really simple !